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    Brokerage you pay in


    Brokerage & Other Charges What Others Charge Gurukul
    Buy Price
    रु 100
    रु 100
    Sell Price
    रु 120
    रु 120
    Quantity purchased
    Profit Earned
    रु 2,00,000
    रु 2,00,000
    Brokerage Paid
    रु 6,600
    रु 40
    Total Transaction Charges + GST
    रु 3,696.77
    रु 2,515.97
    Total GST and Charges
    रु 10,296.77
    रु 2,555.97
    Net Profit
    रु 1,89,703.23
    रु 1,97,444.03
    Extra Profit you earn
    रु 7,740.8

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    About Grukul

    Gurukul Securities is one of the leading discount brokers in India. Serving 1,00,000+ happy clients with State of the Art Trading and Investment platforms. RankMF is yet another Mutual Fund Ranking and Investment Platforms for Retail Customers. Gurukul is also the Creator of Indian Trading League, India’s Only Stock Market Trading League.

    What our Clients say

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    Nice site for stock market trading. Easy to Create watchlist of Market. This site is fast that trades are executed with 5-6 seconds. Users can place trades through the news story itself. I have an account with Gurukul for some time and I think this is the best product which is launched by Gurukul till date. I would recommend people to use the site. Great job Gurukul Trade”



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